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Hallingdal Chicken Tine E-Packet

Enjoy painting this wonderful chicken in the Hallingdal style. It features typical Hallingdal flowers intertwined in scrolls

Hallingdal Cheese Board Packet

This cheese board is painted with some typical Hallingdal flowers on red background.  Included in the packet is a photograph of it painted on a blue background using the same flowers and palette.

Hallingdal Pedestal Bowl

This is a pedestal bowl, the base is 2 inches high and the inside just one inch deep, so it's easy to paint.  I used this flower for the center with cone shapes forming a circle.  It is surrounded by typical Hallingdal flowers.

Round Tine with Hallingdal Pattern Packet

 This is an older tine I've had for awhile and decided to paint it with typical Hallingdal flowers on a reddish-orange (JoSonja's Russet) background that was so popular in the day.  I love the big Nils Baera tulips and his other flowers and leaves, etc.

Hallingdal Candy Dish Pattern Packet

This wonderful bowl is painted with basic Hallingdal flowers in a geometric design.  There is a simple border painted around the outside.  It measurers 6 x 1 and 2 inches at the handles. 

Hallingdal on the Flower and Fish Bowl Pattern Packet

This is a unique bowl.  I painted a Hallingdal design so the flowers encircle the center flower instead of having them come straight out from the center.  It's fun to use different, typical kinds of Hallingdal flowers so the design becomes more asymmetrical in nature.

Hallingdal Letter Holder Packet

This Hallingdal letter holder is painted with typical flowers from the Sata-Baera school on a red background.

Yarn Tine with Hallingdal Packet

This yarn tine has a different design on each side using typical Hallingdal flowers. It's painted on a black background giving it a rich appearance.

Royal Crown Clock with Hallingdal
Royal Crown Clock with Hallingdal

This Royal Crown clock is painted with some of my favorite Hallingdal flowers on a medium valueTeal Green background.  I used basic reds, green and yellows for the palette.

The packet includes the instructions, photographs and line drawing.

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