Hallingdal Door Escutcheon Pattern Packet

This Hallingdal door escutcheon was painted in 2004 using JoSonja acrylics. It measures 3 7/8” x 24 ¼” x 3/8”.

I included some of my favorite Hallingdal flowers on this door escutcheon.  Maybe it’s a little busy, but I couldn’t stop stroking!!!  You can do as much detail as you wish, let your personality come though.  If you want to add a name or the date, leave off the red and yellow strokes below the green scroll and paint it in that space.

Hallingdal, along with Telemark produced the most numerous painters and reached great heights in artistic development.  The painting here is especially connected to the Sata-Baera School in Al, where the first known Norwegian rosemaler, Truge Gunhildgard (born 1699) decorated several interiors.  He was a pioneer and did not create the local style as we know it.  The style stems from the Sata-Baera School and those associated with it.  I incorporated a few of the flower forms from this style on this piece.

The packet includes three pages of instruction, three enlarged photographs and the line drawing.



Price: $8.00

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