Roldal Stavekirke Plate Pattern Packet

This 1994  Roldal Stavekirke plate was painted using JoSonja’s acrylics on a 10” plate.

This magnificent old stav church is located at the base of a mountain along the Hardanger-Telemark road in Roldal.  When I was on the Vesterheim Rosemaling tour in 1993 we visited this church on a Sunday morning before church service.  This church was first mentioned in 1462, but we were told it probably dated back to the 1200’s because of its Gothic structure.  It is one of the oldest churches in Norway, the second most holy place in Norway.  It’s symbolism and healing powers of the cross date back to medieval times.  People walked through the mountains, even with broken bones, for healing on the midsummer’s night.  Even after medieval times people came, even though it was illegal.  1853 was the last midsummer service.

The inside was beautifully painted in the 1800’s, part of it being restored in 1913.   There are scrolls, fruit and flowers decorating the walls, and angels looking down from the ceiling.  It’s quite spectacular with the elegantly painted alter, carved and painted pulpit, chairs, pews, etc.

I didn’t pay too much attention to the location of the church when I painted this plate, since I used Valdres flowers which come from a neighboring district.

The packet includes five pages of instructions, two photographs and the line drawing.

Price: $8.00