Raphael Quill - Size 3

I'm sorry this brush is no longer allowed to be imported at this time, so it's out of stock.  This excellent brush works as a liner and makes beautiful teardrops.  It is made from Kolinski sable and works very well with acrylics and oils.  You can make very fine or heavier lines, small teardrops or large with this size.  I use it to paint watches as well as door panels.

The Saucer Company, is once of the oldest European manufactures of fine brushes and are used throughout the world.  The women making these brushes are highly trained and skilled in their work which is monitored throughout the process. 

Years ago when I first purchased quill brushes you only received the quill with the bristles and you put them on a handle yourself.  In the old days when artists made their own brushes they carefully placed the bristles in a bird quill and tied them together.  Now the quill is made from plastic, but they hold up for a very long time and are well worth the price.

Price: $29.95

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