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Telemark on the Tortoise Tray

This is a  great try for any style.  Here I painted it with two roots so the design still flows around.  There a lots of simple Telemark flowers frowing out between the scrolls and where ever there was empty spaces.  I hope you'll enjoy this one which can be painted with any background color.

Telemark 8 Inch Beaded Bowl Packet

This is a great bowl withthe double beads to trim with correspondending colors.  I used Rich Gold in the line work and mixed with Raw Sienna in some areas where I side loaded into reds and greens.  You can see the root of the design comes out of the edge of the bowl next to the beads for something different.

Telemark Spice Cabinet

I bought this spice cabinet at a sale some years ago and finally painted it in this Telemark style.  The design is painted upside down to fit in the curve of the panel.  The border design on the frame has the flowers hanging down as well.  On the inside of the door I painted a spice chart for easy access when cooking.  I hope you'll enjoy painting this if you have such a cabinet or use the designs on other doors or panels.

Hallingdal Pedestal Bowl

This is a pedestal bowl, the base is 2 inches high and the inside just one inch deep, so it's easy to paint.  I used this flower for the center with cone shapes forming a circle.  It is surrounded by typical Hallingdal flowers.

Round Tine with Hallingdal Pattern Packet

 This is an older tine I've had for awhile and decided to paint it with typical Hallingdal flowers on a reddish-orange (JoSonja's Russet) background that was so popular in the day.  I love the big Nils Baera tulips and his other flowers and leaves, etc.

Os Door Escutcheon for Dead-Bolt Packet

 This door escutcheon is made to fit doors using a deadbolt.  I painted it will Os using blue scrolls and typical flowers, bright and cheery to decorate any door.  You do not need the wood piece for a deadbolt if you do not have one.  

Rosemaling in Numedal DVD

 Numedal is the next in the Rosemaling series of DVD styles.  It covers the history and some of the prominant rosemalers of the day.  Demonstrations of the different characteristics are shown and explained as Gayle paints this tray.

Hallingdal Candy Dish Pattern Packet

This wonderful bowl is painted with basic Hallingdal flowers in a geometric design.  There is a simple border painted around the outside.  It measurers 6 x 1 and 2 inches at the handles. 

Os Candy Dish Pattern Packet

 This is a new wood piece we've made.  A small bowl just 7 x 1.5 inches.  This asymmetrical, colorful, Os design was fun to paint inside with a simple border on the outside.

Candy Dish

 This is a wonderful little bowl, not only good for candy, but other small odds and ends.  It measurers 6 x 1 and 2 inches at the handles.  It is turned from poplar.

Worksheet Packet

This  packet is of past worksheets from discontinued books, magazine articles and lectures.  Because of requests for these, I  put together these 14, including scrolls, Telemark, 2 Os, 2 Vest Agder,2 Hallingdal, Numedal, Gudbrandsdal, Rococo, Baroque Flowers, Valdres and Trondelag.

Numedal Yarn Tine Packet

I painted this yarn tine in preparation for a DVD on Numedal.  It's such a great piece and suitable for the style.  I love to incorporate sheep on one side.  The rocailles are painted with a flat brush on this piece and it's such fun.

Hallingdal on the Flower and Fish Bowl Pattern Packet

This is a unique bowl.  I painted a Hallingdal design so the flowers encircle the center flower instead of having them come straight out from the center.  It's fun to use different, typical kinds of Hallingdal flowers so the design becomes more asymmetrical in nature.

Hallingdal Letter Holder Packet

This Hallingdal letter holder is painted with typical flowers from the Sata-Baera school on a red background.

Valdres Chest

I had this chest for many years and finally decided to paint it with Valdres Flowers with influence of those painted by Peder Aadnes from the Bagn Church in Norway. 

The chest size measures 19 x 10 x 12 inches, so the designs would be good for other objects.

Telemark Bean Pot Blue Background

This Telemark design is painted on a light background with blue trim. I taught this one at the 2014 San Diego convention. It's such a fun wood piece to paint with a number of designs.