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Red Os Tine Packet

This 12 inch tine was made by Mike Lusk.  I painted it for the 2017 Vesterheim class.  It includes a number of different kinds of Os flowers.  A striking piece and a great size for storaging treasures.  

The packet includes directions, photographs, and line drawings. 

Os Mangle Tre  Packet

This Mangle Tre was made by Mike Lusk.  It was a project for my 2017 Vesterheim class.  Painted on a black background it incorporates some scrolls and typical flowers of the style.  The horse is painted with Smoked Pearl and stippled with Raw Sienna and Brown Earth to be similar to the color of the fjord horse. 

The packet includes the directions, photographs and line drawing.

Os Bean Pot Pattern Packet

My first reaction to this little container was to paint it with an Os design.  I love it's shape and it has so many possibilities.  A ring of Os flowers painted around it with a simple design for the top seemed to be just right.

Telemark Bean Pot

I love this little bean pot and decided to dress it up with elegant Telemark using Rich Gold, Silver and Pearl White with my normal Telemark palette.

Telemark Bean Pot Blue Background

This Telemark design is painted on a light background with blue trim. I taught this one at the 2014 San Diego convention. It's such a fun wood piece to paint with a number of designs.

Os Octagon clock Packet

This Octagon clock is painted in the Os style from the west coast of Norway in the Hordaland district. It's a colorful style and fun to paint.

Royal Crown Clock (Telemark) Pattern Packet

The idea for this clock came from wood scraps from the door escutcheons.  I loved the shape and painted this one with Telemark using some metallics to make it more elegant.

Boudoir Wall Clock

I designed this clock after the standing version.  It's been a popular style and I have painted it with European Flowers and different styles of Rosemaling over the years.

It comes with the clock movement.

Sampler Board, Long

This long sampler board is made from poplar and measures 11 1/2" x 44" x 13/16".

Serving Tray

This wonderful serving tray measures 20 x 16 inches.  It's perfect for a placemat and all the utensils needed for a meal. It is very well made from poplar with a birch plywood bottom and is very sturdy.


Tortoise Tray

This wonderful tray is made from poplar with a double sided birch bottom.  It's beautifully made to measure approximately 11 x 16 x 1.