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Yarn Tine with Telemark Packet

This tine I designed to hold the yarn so it wouldn't get tangled or the cats chew it up while I'm knitting.  It works great and you can use two colors at a time feeding up through the holes in the lid.

Yarn Tine with Hallingdal Packet

This yarn tine has a different design on each side using typical Hallingdal flowers. It's painted on a black background giving it a rich appearance.

Yarn Tine with Hordaland Packet
Yarn Tine with Hordaland Packet

I painted this Yarn tine for my special friend Kay Baronoski using some old Hordaland ideas.  I used a blue-green background and red, green, yellow and blue in the design.  On the other side I painted Jacob sheep, but you could repeat this design.

The packet includes the directions, line drawing and photographs.

Numedal Yarn Tine Packet

I painted this yarn tine in preparation for a DVD on Numedal.  It's such a great piece and suitable for the style.  I love to incorporate sheep on one side.  The rocailles are painted with a flat brush on this piece and it's such fun.

Hallingdal Letter Holder Packet

This Hallingdal letter holder is painted with typical flowers from the Sata-Baera school on a red background.

Numedal Plate Packet (10 inch) Pattern Packet

This Numedal design is painted on a 10 inch plate using Gold Oxide for the background colors.  The Rocailles are fun to paint and constructed a little differently than other styles.  Some of the painters used ideas from the neighboring district of Telemark as you can see by the flowers on the border.

Numedal Bowl 8 Inch Pattern Packet

I love this chicken painted by Sebjorn Kverndalen, a Numedal painter, so I incorporated it into a design to fit this bowl.  The bowl is 1.5 inches deep with a double bead inside which makes it nice for trimming with different colors.  I painted a string of flowers around the outside.

16 Inch Numedal Triple-Beaded Plate Pattern Packet

This is the Nore Church in Numedal painted on a 16 inch plate from Hofcraft. The flowers are painted in the style of Sebjorn Kaverndalen.

Numedal Tine Packet

I design this tine with inspiration from Sebjorn Kaverndalen from Numedal. It's fun to paint with it's simple scrolls and rococo flower forms, sometimes with a few small more realistic flowers borrowed from neighboring districts.

Numedal Bowl Pattern Packet

This was one of the 2014 San Diego SDP Convention classes I taught. It's a wonderful small bowl, not very deep and easy to paint. The style is fun, using characteristics from Sebjorn Kaverndalen's influence.

Vest Agder 10" Plate Packet

This 10" plate was a 2017 Palooza Painting class project.  The design includes typical scrolls, flowers and a border treatment.  It's painted on a JoSonja basecoat color, Galaxy Blue.

European Flower Shelf Clock Pattern Packet

The European shelf clock I taught at the 2002 SDP convention.  It was painted on a Smoked Pearl background that can be stippled softly with palette color of your choice.  It measures 6” x 14” x 3”.

European Flower Mini Clocks Pattern Packet

For years I have been wanting to place the mini clocks into one packet since so many of the designs can be mixed and matched.  I was finally able to get them all painted, drawings made and photographed.

The packet includes designs for 14 mini clocks, photographs of each and the line drawings.

Louis XIV Clock with European Flowers Pattern Packet

This graceful, three dimension clock is painted with various kinds of flowers with a European feel to them.  There are two designs in the packet featuring both background colors.

Victorian Clock and Shelf Packet

The clock style was the first clock I designed back in the 1980's.  When I had this new shelf made I decided to resurect it again and paint a new design.  The European style roses are painted on a background of Smoked Pearl, stippled with Pearl White and then Rich Gold around the edges.

Telemark Long Clock Pattern Packet

The palette for this design includes Rich Gold and Pearl White for the yellows and light areas.  These colors really dress up a Telemark design on a dark background.