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Hallingdal Plate Packet

This ten inch plate was painted with inspiration from the Sata-Baera school of Hallingdal painters. 

Trondelag Plate and Shelf Packet

I painted this ten inch plate with flowers typical of the Oppdal area of Trondelag.  They used different kinds of faux finishes on window moldings and doors, so I decided to use a marbling technique on the shelf.

Trondelag Bowl (8") Packet

I painted this 8 x 1.5 inch bowl with an old style Trondelag design.   This type of decoration was painted from 1600 into the 1800's. 

Telemark 8 Inch Beaded Bowl Packet

This is a great bowl withthe double beads to trim with correspondending colors.  I used Rich Gold in the line work and mixed with Raw Sienna in some areas where I side loaded into reds and greens.  You can see the root of the design comes out of the edge of the bowl next to the beads for something different.

Hallingdal Cheese Board Packet

This cheese board is painted with some typical Hallingdal flowers on red background.  Included in the packet is a photograph of it painted on a blue background using the same flowers and palette.

Numedal Cutting Board Packet

Another cheese cutting board painted in the Numedal style to add to the collection.  It's painted with the traditional palette in the style of Sebjorn Kaverndalen.

Os Cutting Board Packet

This Os style cheese cutting boards is bright and cheery for any kitchen and serving table.  Just turn it over to cut the cheese.  It makes a wonderful gift if you add some Norwegian Gjetost or your favorite cheese.

The design incorporates some of the basic scrolls and flowers from Os.

Rogaland Cheese Board

The Rogland cheese board is one in the cheese board series that I taught at the 2018 Palooza convention.  It's painted on a Teal green background using reds and yellows in the geometric design.

Sor-Trondelag Cutting Board Pkt

This cheese cutting board in painted with flowers from Sor-Trondelag.  They are really fun to paint with all the graceful strokes. The cutting board makes a great gift, especially with a block of cheese and cheese slicer. 

Telemark Cutting Board Pkt

This eight inch in diameter cheese board makes a great gift, just add your favorite cheese and maybe a cheese cutter.  It's easy to use and a fun Telemark design to paint.  The design can also be used on a plate or other round surface.

Vest Agder Cutting Board Packet

This Vest Agder style cheese cutting board is painted with basic characteristics and palette of the style. Many teardrops were used which makes it fun to paint. 

It makes a wonderful gift, especially when you add a block of cheese and cheese cutter.

Os Child's Table and Chairs Packet

I painted this child's table and chairs for my daughter Virginia's office with her requested Os design.  

Sun-K Os Filigree Board

I brought this wood piece back from my 2013 seminar trip to Japan. It was so interesting I wanted to design something for it. Sun-K requested the Os style, so this is what developed. I hope you'll enjoy painting this design.

Os Cartouche 10 Inch Plate Packet

This ten inch plate I taught at the 2018 Palooza convention.  It's bright and cheerful painted with typical Os flowers.  The little church I found in an old book depicting the Os church around 1900.  I'm not sure when it was built, but it's very picturesque.