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Urnes Stavkirke Plate

This is the church plate for 2009.  It's from the Sogn og Fjordane area on the west side of Norway.

** Nissen Christmas Plates (Os) Pattern Packet

This packet includes two landscape designs and different Os border designs. The designs can be put together for a full circle plate.

Nisse 8" Plate Pattern Packet

This Telemark 8" plate includes a nisse that I painted in a very old design in the 1980's.

Hedal Stavekirke Packet

This beautiful stave church is located in the southern end of the Valdres valley in about 1327.  It has been added to over the years and the inside pulpit and alter was painted in 1766 by Hovel Gaardner. 

Hjorund Chapel Christmas Plate Packet

This small church is more of a chapel.  It's a reproduction of a  stave church that was built for a play and filming.  It's not old, but so cute I couldn't help paint it.  It's located in Gudbrandsdalen and is where Kristin Lavransdatter was filmed in one of her plays.

Hallingdal Candy Dish Pattern Packet

This wonderful bowl is painted with basic Hallingdal flowers in a geometric design.  There is a simple border painted around the outside.  It measurers 6 x 1 and 2 inches at the handles. 

Os Candy Dish Pattern Packet

 This is a new wood piece we've made.  A small bowl just 7 x 1.5 inches.  This asymmetrical, colorful, Os design was fun to paint inside with a simple border on the outside.

Rosemaling Spoon Sampler

This packet includes designs for nine different styles of Rosemaling on five spoon shapes.  Most of the designs can be used on other small items.

Geometric, Hallingdal Shallow Bowl - Pattern Packet

This geometric, Hallingdal shallow 10” bowl was painted using JoSonja acrylics in 2006.

Numedal Bowl Pattern Packet

This 12” “Notch and C” bowl was painted in the Numedal style using Jo Sonja acrylics in 2007.

Shallow Bowl Pattern Packet

This 12” shallow bowl was painted using JoSonja acrylics in the Telemark style.

Hallingdal Bowl Pattern Packet

This 12" bowl is just an inch high, so it's depth is not a problem when painting. 

In this geometric design I used some typical Hallingdal flower forms.  The border is a fun and relates well to the details of the inside of the bowl.

Os Plate Pattern Packet

This packet includes two Os designs for 10”  plates.  They were painted in 2002 using JoSonja acrylics.

Sor-Trondelag Ale Plate Pattern Packet

This Sor-Trondelag ale 12” plate was painted in 2003 using JoSonja acrylics.

Transparent Telemark Ale Bowl Pattern Packet

This Transparent Telemark design was a 2009 SDP convention project.  Kleister medium is used mixed into the paint to achieve the transparent effect. 

The design is fun to paint freehand, but the design is included in the packet along with the directions and photographs of the steps.