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Os Velkommen Board Pattern Packet

I painted this Velkommen Board for my daughter's new house. It needed to be vertical, but I recommended how to adjust it for a horizontal design in the packet.

Numedal Bowl Pattern Packet

This was one of the 2014 San Diego SDP Convention classes I taught. It's a wonderful small bowl, not very deep and easy to paint. The style is fun, using characteristics from Sebjorn Kaverndalen's influence.

Telemark clock Plate Packet

This is a wonderful clock shape for any room. I painted it in an elegant Telemark style using Rich Gold and Pearl White with the flower flowing around the clock movement.

Yarn Tine with Hallingdal Packet

This yarn tine has a different design on each side using typical Hallingdal flowers. It's painted on a black background giving it a rich appearance.

Sun-K Os Filigree Board

I brought this wood piece back from my 2013 seminar trip to Japan. It was so interesting I wanted to design something for it. Sun-K requested the Os style, so this is what developed. I hope you'll enjoy painting this design.

16 Inch Numedal Triple-Beaded Plate Pattern Packet

This is the Nore Church in Numedal painted on a 16 inch plate from Hofcraft. The flowers are painted in the style of Sebjorn Kaverndalen.

Numedal Tine Packet

I design this tine with inspiration from Sebjorn Kaverndalen from Numedal. It's fun to paint with it's simple scrolls and rococo flower forms, sometimes with a few small more realistic flowers borrowed from neighboring districts.

10 Inch Os clock Plate Pattern Packet

I designed this twelve inch clock plate and painted it in the Os style of Annanias Tviet. I love his style as it has lots of details and different kinds of bright flowers and scrolls.

16 Inch Telemark 3 Beaded Plate Packet

This Telemark design is painted on a 16 inch three beaded plate which comes from Hofcraft.  I used values of blue for the background.  Lettering which reads, "Life is full of the big things for the ones who are comfortable with the small things," circles the center design.  For the border I used string of Telemark flowers.

Yarn Tine with Hordaland Packet
Yarn Tine with Hordaland Packet

I painted this Yarn tine for my special friend Kay Baronoski using some old Hordaland ideas.  I used a blue-green background and red, green, yellow and blue in the design.  On the other side I painted Jacob sheep, but you could repeat this design.

The packet includes the directions, line drawing and photographs.

Telemark Long Clock Pattern Packet

The palette for this design includes Rich Gold and Pearl White for the yellows and light areas.  These colors really dress up a Telemark design on a dark background.

Royal Crown Clock with Hallingdal
Royal Crown Clock with Hallingdal

This Royal Crown clock is painted with some of my favorite Hallingdal flowers on a medium valueTeal Green background.  I used basic reds, green and yellows for the palette.

The packet includes the instructions, photographs and line drawing.

Velkommen Board (Wood)

This long board could be used for many designs and in vertical or horizontal spaces.  It has hanger holes for either direction.


Long Clock

This clock is perfect for a long narrow wall as it measurers 5 inches by 30 inches.

Plate (10 inch) Double Beaded

This 10 inch double beaded plate is hand turned from poplar.  It's a great size for many designs.

Plate 12 inch double beaded

This 12 inch double beaded plate is hand turned from poplar.  It's a good size and fits some of the church plate designs.