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Telemark Clock Box Original Painting

This wood piece is one that I had on the shelf many years and decided to paint it with a black background and use Rich Gold and Pearl White as light values and in the detail.  It provides an elegant look to Telemark.

Telemark Tortoise Tray Original Painting

This is a really nice tray made from poplar.  It's a great shape and easy to pick up the way the handles are made.

Telemark Towel Holder (Natural Background)

This is a wonderful 13 x17 inch towel holder designed and made by Paul Brooks from alder with maple bars.  it's very sturdy and good for hanging other things besides towels.  My daughter uses hers in her laundy to dry her delicate things on.  it has two keyholes for hanging to make it good and strong.

I painted the freehand asymmetrical Telemark design on a natural background with red, yellow and green.

Telemark Tray
This Telemark design is painted on a Smoked Pearl background, stippled with Raw Sienna around the edges. I added some birds for interest as you often found birds and animals included in Rosemaling designs in the historic past.
Valdres on the Spring Flower Box

Valdres style is painted on this lovely box in the style of Peder Aadnes. He was one of the early painters that traveled throughout southeastern Norway. He studied in Europe and his painting in the Bagn Church in Valdres is gorgeous.

Vest Agder on the Norsk Catchall

This 9" x16" catchall is made from alder and poplar.  We designed this from an old one found in an antique store.  It's a handy object to hold odds and ends.  This piece I painted for the Decorative Painter Magazine in the Vest Agder style on a neutral background with stippled shading around the edges.  The palette used is red, yellow and green used to paint typical flowers from the area.  It has a keyhole on the back for hanging.

Vest Agder Tine

This wonderful tine has horse head handles and lacing on the back.  It is painted on "Pond", JoSonja background color, with red accents.  The inside is painted with Smoked Pearl and has a faux design.  The design is of Vest Agder origination using basic strokes.

Victorian Clock with European Flowers

This clock is painted on a Smoked Pearl background that was stippled with Pearl White and then Rich Gold. The flowers are painted in a European style that I enjoy.

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