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Telemark Ale Bowl Original Painting

Rose Plate 10 Inch Original Painting

This plate was a convention project concentrating on these special cabbage roses.  They are a little more difficult to paint as I used the chisel edge of a filbert to achieve the shape of many petals.

Os Single Towel Holder Original Painting

This small towel holder is just 5 x 9 inches.  A great size for a small bathroom or clean-up area.  It's also useful for hanging a coat, sweater or even keys or your dog's leash.

European Flower Oval Box Original Painting

I made this box years ago and recently painted it with these soft European flowers.  The box is about 4 x 7 x3 inches.  It's wonderful for jewelry or trinkets.

European Flower Gem Box (Green) Original Painting

This  box is painted on a green backgroound with European roses and filler flowers.  It roughly 6 x 6 x 3 inches, a good size for special jewelry.

European Flower Green Jewelry Box Original Painting

This jewelry box came from Hofcraft.  It's painted with a number of European flowers on a soft green background.  The inside is stippled and marbelized with matching colors.

European Flower Watch Box Original Painting

This watch box I designed years ago when we wore watches that buckled.  but it's still a great storage place for them or bracelets, etc.

This was a class project using mostly European roses with filler flowers.

Os Heart Plate (8 Inch) Original Painting

This heart plate comes from Hofcraft.  It's painted with different Os flowers on a light background and Red Earth + Brown Madder border.

European Flower Gem Box Original Painting

This small box is great for special jewelry.  It's made of poplar and painted with a Smoked pearl background and stippled with soft Plum Pink.  The flowers are painted in a European style.  The inside of the box has a faux finish.

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