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10 Inch Telemark  Beaded and Cove Plate

This Telemark design is painted on a 10 inch plate, with a faux design in the cove area. The border is painted with Telemark flowers painted with basic strokes.

12 Inch Telemark Beaded Cove Plate

The 12 inch plate as three roots coming from the edge facing the center.  The faux design in the cove area is surrounded with stroke flowers around the border.

European Flower Gem Box (Green) Original Painting

This  box is painted on a green backgroound with European roses and filler flowers.  It roughly 6 x 6 x 3 inches, a good size for special jewelry.

European Flower Gem Box Original Painting

This small box is great for special jewelry.  It's made of poplar and painted with a Smoked pearl background and stippled with soft Plum Pink.  The flowers are painted in a European style.  The inside of the box has a faux finish.

European Flower Green Jewelry Box Original Painting

This jewelry box came from Hofcraft.  It's painted with a number of European flowers on a soft green background.  The inside is stippled and marbelized with matching colors.

European Flower Oval Box Original Painting

I made this box years ago and recently painted it with these soft European flowers.  The box is about 4 x 7 x3 inches.  It's wonderful for jewelry or trinkets.

European Flower Watch Box Original Painting

This watch box I designed years ago when we wore watches that buckled.  but it's still a great storage place for them or bracelets, etc.

This was a class project using mostly European roses with filler flowers.

Hallingdal Ale Bowl

This ale bowl design I painted for "Rosemaling Styles and Study' book, which is now out of print.  This bowl is not the original, but one I painted along with four students who wanted to paint the bowl; it's a little different since I freehanded much of it.  The 9 x 12 x2 inch bowl was turned from poplar.  It has a Forest Green background with Smoked Pearl handles that were stippled with the same green.

Hallingdal Bean Pot

This is a wonderful little pot just 5 x 5 x 5". I painted it simply in the old Hallingdal style with typical flowers repeated around.

Numedal Tine

This Numedal tine is painted on a red-orange background (JoSonja Acrylics - Gold Oxide + Red Earth) and stippled with Burnt Umber  + Brown Madder.  It's painted in the style of Sebjourn Kaverndalen.  Much of the painting is done with a flat brush, giving the flowers a unique appearance.

Os Heart Plate (8 Inch) Original Painting

This heart plate comes from Hofcraft.  It's painted with different Os flowers on a light background and Red Earth + Brown Madder border.

Os Single Towel Holder Original Painting

This small towel holder is just 5 x 9 inches.  A great size for a small bathroom or clean-up area.  It's also useful for hanging a coat, sweater or even keys or your dog's leash.

Pouring bowl with Telemark (Green trim)
This pouring bowl was freehanded with a Telemark design on a Smoked Pearl background, stippled with Raw Sienna. The trim is Forest Green. The inscription reads in English: "Thank you for the Meal".
Rose Plate 10 Inch Original Painting

This plate was a convention project concentrating on these special cabbage roses.  They are a little more difficult to paint as I used the chisel edge of a filbert to achieve the shape of many petals.

Telemark Bean Pot

This Telemark Bean Pot is painted on a Black Umber background with the design painted using Rich Gold and Pearl White in some side loading and linework.  This provides an elegant look.

Telemark Cheese Cutting Board (Teal Green)

Cheese cutting boards are wonderful and useful, especially as a gift with ones favorite cheese and maybe a cheese cutter.  This one is painted in the Telemark style on a Teal Green background.

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