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Hordaland Heart Tray and Plate e-Packet

I combined these two similar Hordaland designs into one packet.  The same background and design colors were used.  I based these desgns on the early work of Annanias M Tveit.

Anniversary Plate with Valdres Rosemaling

This 50th anniversary plate was painted for my sister and husbands big celebration. I used flowers and acanthus leaves, etc. that were inspired by those painted by Peder Aadnes in the Bagn church.

Rosemaling Spoon Sampler E-Packet

This E-packet includes designs for nine different styles of Rosemaling on five spoon shapes.  Most of the designs or parts may be used on other small items.

Yarn Tine with Telemark E- Packet

Os Bowl E-Packet

This sixteen inch bowl is painted in the Os style and comes in the form of an e-packet.  You can download it yourself for easy access.

This style is cheerful and fun to paint, so I hope you'll enjoy this new design.

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