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Rosemaling Styles Course 5 E-Packet

The packet includes Romsdal, Rococo and Gudbrandsdal, each featured on a different eight plate.

Hallingdal Chicken Tine E-Packet

Enjoy painting this wonderful chicken in the Hallingdal style. It features typical Hallingdal flowers intertwined in scrolls

Vest Agder 12" Tine E-Packet

This unfinished tine was a gift which was made by John Wanke.  Vest Agder seemed an appropriate style.  I chose a dark blue background, but black would also be a good choice.

Vest Agder on the Starburst Tray E-Packet

The Vest Agder design is painted with traditional colors on this interesting tray.  Its easily adaptable to other objects or even just the corner design can be repeated on table corners, drawers, etc.


Numedal on the Spindle Serving Tray E-Packet

This tray is a job to paint.  This time I chose Numedal on a light background.  You could use red, black or blue-black or greenish black and use the same palette.  It's painted with characteristics from Sebjourn Kverndalen's work.

Numedal Cream Carafe EPacket

The cream carafe was calling me to paint it in the Numedal style.  It's such a wonderful serving piece which holds cottage cheese, yoghurt and certain butter containers.  You can also put sauces in the used container and serve it in this attractive piece.

Numedal Door Escutcheon E Packet

This door escutcheon fits around a door knob.  If you have a dead bolt use can use the middle section that had the chicken painted on it or not.  It's a great way to decorate a door with the Numedal design.  It's easy to use a different background color with the same palette.  It's painted in the style of Sebjorn Kverndalen.

Hordaland Heart Tray and Plate e-Packet

I combined these two similar Hordaland designs into one packet.  The same background and design colors were used.  I based these desgns on the early work of Annanias M Tveit.

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