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3 DVD Rosemaling Set

These three DVD's are all you need to get started Rosemaling or perfect your skills.  The lessons start with the basics of preparing the backgrounds and illustrates different kinds of faux finished.  You can master your stroke techniques with demonstrations, tips and enhance your designs with knowledge on how to embellish items with lines and details.  These are all necessary to end up with a quality and professional looking piece.

Stroke & Linework Dvd's

Buy the Stroke and Line Control DVD's, 2 for $44

European Rose DVD

This  DVD  includes the palette, strokes, and method for painting this old style rose.

Rosemaling in Numedal DVD

 Numedal is the next in the Rosemaling series of DVD styles.  It covers the history and some of the prominant rosemalers of the day.  Demonstrations of the different characteristics are shown and explained as Gayle paints this tray.

European Roses II DVD

This DVD covers different stages of the cabbage rose, from buds, to very tight, open, and in hanging down configurations.  In European Rose I, I covered the basic open rose that is the easiest to learn.  This DVD includes the details on how to paint all these type of roses.

Rosemaling Stroke Control DVD

This is very basic information on how to make strokes used in Rosemaling and many other forms of folk art.  Learn how to look under the line work to see the basic strokes.  Practice along with Gayle to learn from the beginning or to inscrease your skills.

Rosemaling Line and Detail Control DVD

This follows the Stroke Practice DVD, demonstrating how to use a Raphael quill liner brush and what's important in achieving good, graceful line work.

Rosemaling Backgrounds DVD

This DVD contains instructions on how to prepare wood surfaces with various background techniques.  I demonstrate basecoating, stippling, marbling, and other faux finishes which can be used for Rosemaling and other forms of decortive painting resulting in a professional overall appearance.

Rosemaling in Telemark, Bowl

This is the first in the Rosemaling Styles Series.  It covers a little history of the Telemark area and characteristics of the style. 

Rosemaling in Os, Serving Tray

The second in the Rosemaling Styles Series, this DVD covers a little history and the characteristics of Os.

Rosemaling in Hallingdal  DVD

This is the third DVD in the Rosemaling styles series.  It includes a brief account of the history of Hallingdal Rosemaling, the style and characteristics.  Gayle demonstrates the execution of painting these two trays.

Rosemaling in Valdres DVD

This is the next video in the rosemaling styles series.  It covers some history and characteristics of the Valdres style.  I paint the Kallhovd clock with influences from Ola Berge.  The second project is a different style based on that of Peder Aadnes and his painting in the Bagn church.