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Rosemaling Crown Coaster Set Packet

This packet includes designs for eight coasters.  Four are of four styles:  Os, Hallingdal, Vest Agder and Telemark.  Four are of Roses from Telemark, Os, Valdres and Trondelag.  

Lesja Towel Holder

This towel holder is painted in the old Lesja style.  It's really fun to paint with lots of stroke work and the tulips are really interesting.

Worksheet Packet

This  packet is of past worksheets from discontinued books, magazine articles and lectures.  Because of requests for these, I  put together these 14, including scrolls, Telemark, 2 Os, 2 Vest Agder,2 Hallingdal, Numedal, Gudbrandsdal, Rococo, Baroque Flowers, Valdres and Trondelag.

Numedal Yarn Tine Packet

I painted this yarn tine in preparation for a DVD on Numedal.  It's such a great piece and suitable for the style.  I love to incorporate sheep on one side.  The rocailles are painted with a flat brush on this piece and it's such fun.

Valdres Chest

I had this chest for many years and finally decided to paint it with Valdres Flowers with influence of those painted by Peder Aadnes from the Bagn Church in Norway. 

The chest size measures 19 x 10 x 12 inches, so the designs would be good for other objects.

Telemark Bean Pot Blue Background

This Telemark design is painted on a light background with blue trim. I taught this one at the 2014 San Diego convention. It's such a fun wood piece to paint with a number of designs.

Os Velkommen Board Pattern Packet

I painted this Velkommen Board for my daughter's new house. It needed to be vertical, but I recommended how to adjust it for a horizontal design in the packet.

Yarn Tine with Hallingdal Packet

This yarn tine has a different design on each side using typical Hallingdal flowers. It's painted on a black background giving it a rich appearance.

Numedal Tine Packet

I design this tine with inspiration from Sebjorn Kaverndalen from Numedal. It's fun to paint with it's simple scrolls and rococo flower forms, sometimes with a few small more realistic flowers borrowed from neighboring districts.

Yarn Tine with Hordaland Packet
Yarn Tine with Hordaland Packet

I painted this Yarn tine for my special friend Kay Baronoski using some old Hordaland ideas.  I used a blue-green background and red, green, yellow and blue in the design.  On the other side I painted Jacob sheep, but you could repeat this design.

The packet includes the directions, line drawing and photographs.

Valdres Letter Holder

I painted this letter holder with Valdres flowers in the Peder Aadnes style as he painted in the Bagn church.

Mini Trunk Box with European Flowers Packet

This little box I taught at the 2012 Northwest Toleliners Convention.  It has a Smoked Pearl background, stippled with Pearl White and Rich Gold.  There are different stages of roses with daisies and filler flowers.

Hallingdal Towel Holder Pattern Packet

This small 6 x 9 inch towel holder is very useful for small bathrooms, etc.  I painted it with some typical Hallingdal flowers on a soft green backround.

Yarn Tine with Telemark Packet

This tine I designed to hold the yarn so it wouldn't get tangled or the cats chew it up while I'm knitting.  It works great and you can use two colors at a time feeding up through the holes in the lid.

Rosemaling Spoon Sampler

This packet includes designs for nine different styles of Rosemaling on five spoon shapes.  Most of the designs can be used on other small items.

Mushroom Box (Small) with Nisse Pattern Packet

This adorable little box is a great place to store a ring or gem.  It seemed natural it should have a nisse sitting under the mushroom cap.  I hope you'll enjoy painting this fun piece.

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