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Os Plate with Red Border - Pattern Packet

This Os church plate I painted in 2001 after returning home from the Vesterheim Rosemaling tour.  It’s on a 12” plate and the church is painted more in the primitive style that is seen on some old trunks, etc.

Os Scissor Holders Pattern Packet

The Os scissor holders were painted using JoSonja acrylics.  This useful wood piece measurers 3 ¾” x  10” x 1 ½”.  It makes a wonderful gift when scissors are included.

Os Shelf Pattern Packet

I haven't painted this shelf in a long time; it was calling for a symmetrical Os design.   It would be wonderful also painted on a Smoked Pearl background.

Os Small Serving Tray Pattern Packet

This medium sized serving tray is 10 x 16 inches.  It's a great size.  I painted it with bright colors in the Os style.

Os Tine Pattern Packet

This packet includes two Os designs on different background colors using JoSonja acrylics.  The small tines measure 8” x 4” x 3 “.

Os Tray Pattern Packet

The Os tray was painted in 2002 using JoSonja acrylics on a Smoked Pearl background.  It was also featured in a Kooler article.   I designed the tray after my trip on the 2001 Vesterheim rosemaling tour.  I love this tray and have painted it with many different designs.  The tray measures 18” x 10 5/8” x 2 ¾” which includes short legs.

Os Velkommen Board Pattern Packet

I painted this Velkommen Board for my daughter's new house. It needed to be vertical, but I recommended how to adjust it for a horizontal design in the packet.

Os Wedding Plate for Otis and Megan

I've been wanting to paint a wedding plate, so in August Otis and Megan have me the opportunity.  They are such a fun, bright young couple that I couldn't help but paint it in the Os style.

Pine Cone Harvest Packet (Os Sled)

I taught this project at the 2018 Palooza convention.  It's a wonderful piece to paint and use to decorate your front door for the holidays.  I have the nisse gathering pine cones and in "Tree Harvest" packet he is   cutting his tree.

Red Os Tine Packet

This 12 inch tine was made by Mike Lusk.  I painted it for the 2017 Vesterheim class.  It includes a number of different kinds of Os flowers.  A striking piece and a great size for storaging treasures.  

The packet includes directions, photographs, and line drawings. 

Sun-K Os Filigree Board

I brought this wood piece back from my 2013 seminar trip to Japan. It was so interesting I wanted to design something for it. Sun-K requested the Os style, so this is what developed. I hope you'll enjoy painting this design.

Viking Napkin Holder Os Pattern Packet

The Viking napkin holder was painted in 2007 in the Os style using JoSonja acrylics.   The wood piece measures 10 ¾” x 7 1/8” x 4 “.

Wooden Basket (Os style) Packet

This is an unusal wood piece I had designed.  The top and bottom were textured when they were turned causing a unique effect. Trouble is I can't get anyone to make this box now with the textured lid and base.

I painted it in the Os style.  The design can be used on something long and narrow.

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