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Os Heart Plate 8 Inch Packet

The assymmetrical Os design worked well on this 8 inch heart shaped plate.  I used typical flowers as used by Annanias M. Tveit.  The stroke flowers are such fun to paint and the finished piece is cheerful.

Os Cartouche 10 Inch Plate Packet

This ten inch plate I taught at the 2018 Palooza convention.  It's bright and cheerful painted with typical Os flowers.  The little church I found in an old book depicting the Os church around 1900.  I'm not sure when it was built, but it's very picturesque.

Nisse Napkin Holder Packet

This design is painted on a napkin holder made by Creative Woodworks.  There is a different Os design on each side.  One side with a nisse attempting to decorate and the other a more typical Hordaland motif using a heart shaped design.

Pine Cone Harvest Packet (Os Sled)

I taught this project at the 2018 Palooza convention.  It's a wonderful piece to paint and use to decorate your front door for the holidays.  I have the nisse gathering pine cones and in "Tree Harvest" packet he is   cutting his tree.

Os Cutting Board Packet

This Os style cheese cutting boards is bright and cheery for any kitchen and serving table.  Just turn it over to cut the cheese.  It makes a wonderful gift if you add some Norwegian Gjetost or your favorite cheese.

The design incorporates some of the basic scrolls and flowers from Os.

Red Os Tine Packet

This 12 inch tine was made by Mike Lusk.  I painted it for the 2017 Vesterheim class.  It includes a number of different kinds of Os flowers.  A striking piece and a great size for storaging treasures.  

The packet includes directions, photographs, and line drawings. 

Os Mangle Tre  Packet

This Mangle Tre was made by Mike Lusk.  It was a project for my 2017 Vesterheim class.  Painted on a black background it incorporates some scrolls and typical flowers of the style.  The horse is painted with Smoked Pearl and stippled with Raw Sienna and Brown Earth to be similar to the color of the fjord horse. 

The packet includes the directions, photographs and line drawing.

Os Chicken Tine Packet

This chicken tine was made by Mike Lusk and is so wonderful.  I painted it in the Os style for the 2017 Vesterheim class.  There is a different design on one side without the chicken incase one didn't want to use the chicken.  I included a number of different Os flowers with the scrolls.

The packet includes the directions, photographs and line drawings.

Os Door Escutcheon for Dead-Bolt Packet

 This door escutcheon is made to fit doors using a deadbolt.  I painted it will Os using blue scrolls and typical flowers, bright and cheery to decorate any door.  You do not need the wood piece for a deadbolt if you do not have one.  

Os Candy Dish Pattern Packet

 This is a new wood piece we've made.  A small bowl just 7 x 1.5 inches.  This asymmetrical, colorful, Os design was fun to paint inside with a simple border on the outside.

Os Velkommen Board Pattern Packet

I painted this Velkommen Board for my daughter's new house. It needed to be vertical, but I recommended how to adjust it for a horizontal design in the packet.

Sun-K Os Filigree Board

I brought this wood piece back from my 2013 seminar trip to Japan. It was so interesting I wanted to design something for it. Sun-K requested the Os style, so this is what developed. I hope you'll enjoy painting this design.

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