Anniversary Plate with Valdres Rosemaling

This 50th anniversary plate was painted for my sister and husbands big celebration. I used flowers and acanthus leaves, etc. that were inspired by those painted by Peder Aadnes in the Bagn church.

Valdres Chest

I had this chest for many years and finally decided to paint it with Valdres Flowers with influence of those painted by Peder Aadnes from the Bagn Church in Norway. 

The chest size measures 19 x 10 x 12 inches, so the designs would be good for other objects.

Valdres Letter Holder

I painted this letter holder with Valdres flowers in the Peder Aadnes style as he painted in the Bagn church.

Hedal Stavekirke Packet

This beautiful stave church is located in the southern end of the Valdres valley in about 1327.  It has been added to over the years and the inside pulpit and alter was painted in 1766 by Hovel Gaardner. 

Valdres Serving Tray

I painted this serving tray in the Valdres style, the center features a kind of faux finish painted on window and door mouldings found in Eastern Norway.

The tray measures 24 by 30 inches and is a great size for holding a placemat and meal service.

Chippendale Tray with Baroque Flowers Pattern Packet

These Gudbrandsdal, Baroque flowers were painted in 1996 on the wood Chippendale tray using JoSonja acrylics.  The measurements are 15 3/4" x10 1/8" x 1 1/8".

Kallhovd Clock with Valdres Flowers. Pattern Packet

This Kallhovd clock is painted using JoSonja acrylics with Valdres flowers.  It measures 5 7/8” x 24” x ¾”.

Bagn Church Plate Pattern Packet

The Bagn church in the Valdres valley was painted in 2000 using JoSonja’s acrylics on a 10” plate.

Valdres Catch-All Pattern Packet

This Valdres catchall was painted on a Smoked Pearl background using JoSonja acrylics in 2005.  It measures 10 5/8” x 18” x 5”.

Baroque Catch-All Pattern Packet

This Baroque flower catchall was painted on a Teal green background using JoSonja acrylics in 2006.   It measures 10 5/8” x 18” x 5”.