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16 Inch Telemark 3 Beaded Plate Packet

This Telemark design is painted on a 16 inch three beaded plate which comes from Hofcraft.  I used values of blue for the background.  Lettering which reads, "Life is full of the big things for the ones who are comfortable with the small things," circles the center design.  For the border I used string of Telemark flowers.

1995 God Jul Plate Pattern Packet

This 1994, 14" Telemark style plate includes two nissen decorating a Christmas tree.

1995 Nativity Plate Pattern Packet

This Telemark design was painted on a 14" plate using JoSonja's acrylics.

Chippendale Tray with Telemark - Pattern Packet

This Chippendale tray was painted in 1998 in the Telemark style using JoSonja acrylics.  The tray I designed it out of wood, similar to metal trays.  It measures 15 3/4” x 10” x 1 1/8”.

Kallhovd Clock with Telemark Pattern Packet

This clock is painted in the Telemark style with a landscape of that area using JoSonja acrylics.  The clock measures 5 7/8” x 24” x ¾”.

Large Telemark Corner Cabinet Pattern Packet

This large corner cabinet is the one featured on the cover of my latest book, Rosemaling, Styles, Study and Design which is now out of print.  It's available on DVD.  There was not room for the large designs in the book, so I've placed them in a packet.

Mushroom Box (Small) with Nisse Pattern Packet

This adorable little box is a great place to store a ring or gem.  It seemed natural it should have a nisse sitting under the mushroom cap.  I hope you'll enjoy painting this fun piece.

Nisse 8" Plate Pattern Packet

This Telemark 8" plate includes a nisse that I painted in a very old design in the 1980's.

Norsk Catchall with Telemark Pattern Packet

This is an asymmetrical design painted on this Norsk Catchall.  In my Rosemaling, Styles, Study and Design book I painted a symmetrical design.

The wood piece measures 9 x 15 x 4 inches.

The packet included color photos, instructions and the line drawing.

Rosemaling in Telemark, Bowl

This is the first in the Rosemaling Styles Series.  It covers a little history of the Telemark area and characteristics of the style. 

Royal Crown Clock (Telemark) Pattern Packet

The idea for this clock came from wood scraps from the door escutcheons.  I loved the shape and painted this one with Telemark using some metallics to make it more elegant.

Shallow Bowl Pattern Packet

This 12” shallow bowl was painted using JoSonja acrylics in the Telemark style.

Telemark 8 Inch Beaded Bowl Packet

This is a great bowl withthe double beads to trim with correspondending colors.  I used Rich Gold in the line work and mixed with Raw Sienna in some areas where I side loaded into reds and greens.  You can see the root of the design comes out of the edge of the bowl next to the beads for something different.

Telemark Bean Pot

I love this little bean pot and decided to dress it up with elegant Telemark using Rich Gold, Silver and Pearl White with my normal Telemark palette.

Telemark Bean Pot Blue Background

This Telemark design is painted on a light background with blue trim. I taught this one at the 2014 San Diego convention. It's such a fun wood piece to paint with a number of designs.

Telemark Bowl Pattern Packet

This 16” Telemark bowl was painted using JoSonja acrylics in 2006.  The bowl comes from “Turn of the Century”, but the design could easily be painted on a plate.

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