Os Heart Plate 8 Inch Packet

The assymmetrical Os design worked well on this 8 inch heart shaped plate.  I used typical flowers as used by Annanias M. Tveit.  The stroke flowers are such fun to paint and the finished piece is cheerful.

Os Cartouche 10 Inch Plate Packet

This ten inch plate I taught at the 2018 Palooza convention.  It's bright and cheerful painted with typical Os flowers.  The little church I found in an old book depicting the Os church around 1900.  I'm not sure when it was built, but it's very picturesque.

Vest Agder 10" Plate Packet

This 10" plate was a 2017 Palooza Painting class project.  The design includes typical scrolls, flowers and a border treatment.  It's painted on a JoSonja basecoat color, Galaxy Blue.

16 Inch Numedal Triple-Beaded Plate Pattern Packet

This is the Nore Church in Numedal painted on a 16 inch plate from Hofcraft. The flowers are painted in the style of Sebjorn Kaverndalen.

16 Inch Telemark 3 Beaded Plate Packet

This Telemark design is painted on a 16 inch three beaded plate which comes from Hofcraft.  I used values of blue for the background.  Lettering which reads, "Life is full of the big things for the ones who are comfortable with the small things," circles the center design.  For the border I used string of Telemark flowers.

Numedal Plate Packet (10 inch) Pattern Packet

This Numedal design is painted on a 10 inch plate using Gold Oxide for the background colors.  The Rocailles are fun to paint and constructed a little differently than other styles.  Some of the painters used ideas from the neighboring district of Telemark as you can see by the flowers on the border.

Os Wedding Plate for Otis and Megan

I've been wanting to paint a wedding plate, so in August Otis and Megan have me the opportunity.  They are such a fun, bright young couple that I couldn't help but paint it in the Os style.

Hjorund Chapel Christmas Plate Packet

This small church is more of a chapel.  It's a reproduction of a  stave church that was built for a play and filming.  It's not old, but so cute I couldn't help paint it.  It's located in Gudbrandsdalen and is where Kristin Lavransdatter was filmed in one of her plays.

Trondelag Plate and Shelf Packet

I painted this ten inch plate with flowers typical of the Oppdal area of Trondelag.  They used different kinds of faux finishes on window moldings and doors, so I decided to use a marbling technique on the shelf.

Hallingdal Plate Packet

This ten inch plate was painted with inspiration from the Sata-Baera school of Hallingdal painters. 

Urnes Stavkirke Plate

This is the church plate for 2009.  It's from the Sogn og Fjordane area on the west side of Norway.

Rose Study Plate Pattern Packet

This 12" plate has different views and stages of development of the European rose that I enjoy painting.

The packet includes the rose study worksheet.  This design is similar to the one painted in the DVD, but if you order the DVD you do not need this packet, because one related to the DVD comes with it.

Sor-Trondelag Ale Plate Pattern Packet

This Sor-Trondelag ale 12” plate was painted in 2003 using JoSonja acrylics.

Telemark Plates Pattern Packet

This packet includes two basic Telemark designs for 6” plates painted in 2000 using JoSonja acrylics.

Os Plate Pattern Packet

This packet includes two Os designs for 10”  plates.  They were painted in 2002 using JoSonja acrylics.