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Telemark clock Plate Packet

This is a wonderful clock shape for any room. I painted it in an elegant Telemark style using Rich Gold and Pearl White with the flower flowing around the clock movement.

10 Inch Os clock Plate Pattern Packet

I designed this twelve inch clock plate and painted it in the Os style of Annanias Tviet. I love his style as it has lots of details and different kinds of bright flowers and scrolls.

Telemark Long Clock Pattern Packet

The palette for this design includes Rich Gold and Pearl White for the yellows and light areas.  These colors really dress up a Telemark design on a dark background.

Long Clock

This clock is perfect for a long narrow wall as it measurers 5 inches by 30 inches.

Victorian Clock and Shelf Packet

The clock style was the first clock I designed back in the 1980's.  When I had this new shelf made I decided to resurect it again and paint a new design.  The European style roses are painted on a background of Smoked Pearl, stippled with Pearl White and then Rich Gold around the edges.

Mini Heart Clock Pattern Packet

This mini clock is three and a half inches wide and an inch high on the top of the heart.  I painted it for Valentine's Day with European roses and a few other flowers on two different backgrounds.

Dome Clock Packet with European Roses

This design may also be painted on the dome tealight or taper.  It's the project I taught at the 2011 Wichita SDP convention.

Louis XIV Clock with European Flowers Pattern Packet

This graceful, three dimension clock is painted with various kinds of flowers with a European feel to them.  There are two designs in the packet featuring both background colors.

Tower Clock with Hallingdal

This Tower clock was influenced by Nils Baera and his father Herbrand Sata in Hallingdal.  The wonderful tulips are so fun to paint and can be adapted to so many surfaces.

Os on the Rosette Clock Pattern Packet

This Rosette Clock I painted with the Os style at the 2010 Wichita Convention.  It's bright and colorful and a fun design to paint.

Kallhovd clock with Os Pattern Packet

This clock I designed after the kallhovd board that was used in pagan days to keep the evil spirits out of ones house.

I used an Os design above the landscape of an old farm along a fjord that I had photographed.

Kallhovd clock with Vest Agder Pattern Packet

I designed this clock after the kallhovd board that was often used in the pagan Norwegian home to help keep the evil spirits out of the house and protect the home from harm.

I used typical Vest Agder scrolls and flowers on a black or black-green background.

Dome Tealight, Taper Candle Holder and Mini Clock Packet

This packet includes three Os designs that can be mixed and matched.  The band on the top varies in width due the the hole cut for the tealight, taper, or mini clock.

European Flower Mini Clocks Pattern Packet

For years I have been wanting to place the mini clocks into one packet since so many of the designs can be mixed and matched.  I was finally able to get them all painted, drawings made and photographed.

The packet includes designs for 14 mini clocks, photographs of each and the line drawings.

Pendulum Clock with Baroque Flowers Pattern Packet

Baroque flowers are the theme painted on this large size pendulum clock.  I used Galaxy Blue for the background, but black, black-green or Teal green also works very well for these flowers.

Hallingdal Mystery Box Packet

This box opens and there is a small clock inside.  The Hallingdal style is painted on Galaxy Blue on the outside and Smoked Pearl on the inside.

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