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Telemark Candy Dish Packet

This seven inch candy dish is painted in the transparent Telemark style.

Hallingdal Candy Dish Pattern Packet

This wonderful bowl is painted with basic Hallingdal flowers in a geometric design.  There is a simple border painted around the outside.  It measurers 6 x 1 and 2 inches at the handles. 

Os Candy Dish Pattern Packet

 This is a new wood piece we've made.  A small bowl just 7 x 1.5 inches.  This asymmetrical, colorful, Os design was fun to paint inside with a simple border on the outside.

Candy Dish

 This is a wonderful little bowl, not only good for candy, but other small odds and ends.  It measurers 6 x 1 and 2 inches at the handles.  It is turned from poplar.

Hallingdal on the Flower and Fish Bowl Pattern Packet

This is a unique bowl.  I painted a Hallingdal design so the flowers encircle the center flower instead of having them come straight out from the center.  It's fun to use different, typical kinds of Hallingdal flowers so the design becomes more asymmetrical in nature.

Numedal Bowl Pattern Packet

This was one of the 2014 San Diego SDP Convention classes I taught. It's a wonderful small bowl, not very deep and easy to paint. The style is fun, using characteristics from Sebjorn Kaverndalen's influence.

Numedal Bowl 8 Inch Pattern Packet

I love this chicken painted by Sebjorn Kverndalen, a Numedal painter, so I incorporated it into a design to fit this bowl.  The bowl is 1.5 inches deep with a double bead inside which makes it nice for trimming with different colors.  I painted a string of flowers around the outside.

Trondelag Bowl (8") Packet

I painted this 8 x 1.5 inch bowl with an old style Trondelag design.   This type of decoration was painted from 1600 into the 1800's. 

Os on Flower and Fish Bowl Pattern Packet

This bowl is 12 inches in diameter by 3 inches deep.  I painted a design with different kinds of Os roses around a center rosette flower.

Os Bowl E-Packet

This sixteen inch bowl is painted in the Os style and comes in the form of an e-packet.  You can download it yourself for easy access.

This style is cheerful and fun to paint, so I hope you'll enjoy this new design.

Transparent Telemark Ale Bowl Pattern Packet

This Transparent Telemark design was a 2009 SDP convention project.  Kleister medium is used mixed into the paint to achieve the transparent effect. 

The design is fun to paint freehand, but the design is included in the packet along with the directions and photographs of the steps.

Wooden Basket (Os style) Packet

This is an unusal wood piece I had designed.  The top and bottom were textured when they were turned causing a unique effect. Trouble is I can't get anyone to make this box now with the textured lid and base.

I painted it in the Os style.  The design can be used on something long and narrow.

Dough Bowl (Os style) Packet

This dough bowl I painted in the Os style.  It is 7" x 14" x 2".

I used a variety of Os flowers on a Warm White background.

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