Pouring Bowl

This pouring bowl “troys” is turned out of poplar and measures 10 x 12” x 2 ¾”.

I designed this “troys” in reminiscence of other’s I have seen in Norwegian museums and books.  Trøys og bolle just means a bowl with a handle and spout, or pouring bowl.   I thought they would be handy for pouring whey off cottage cheese, butter, etc., but I understand they were for beer.  Maybe they had more uses than we know.  They are very interesting and I wanted to make and paint them with a number of designs I have yet to do.

The bowl is not very deep, so it’s quite easy to paint.  I hope you will enjoy this piece.  There is another Telemark project featured in “Rosemaling Styles, Study and Design” and a Hallingdal design listed under Packets.

Price: $59.00

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