Kallhovd Clock with Telemark Pattern Packet

Kallhovd Clock with Telemark Pattern Packet

This clock is painted in the Telemark style with a landscape of that area using JoSonja acrylics.  The clock measures 5 7/8” x 24” x ¾”.

This clock I designed so there would be room for both a Telemark design and landscape of the countryside.  The landscape is from one of my many photographs of farms somewhere in Telemark beside a lake.    The idea for the clock shape came from a number of kallhovd boards I saw in Norway.  The carved board was used before Christianity to bring good luck to the home.  I saw them displayed in different old homes in the western part of the country in prominent places, of different sizes, heights and designs.  Legend told us that to touch this board helped everything to be good in one’s life and home, but if it were to be cut down or removed, bad luck would follow.

Another interesting pagan belief I discovered is the reason why I decided to add the narrow strip of wood, pegged, to the bottom of this clock.  After seeing a number of old, worn, long tables used through the centuries of old homes, I asked why a strip of wood was used across each end of the table to cover the end grain.  I have seen this technique used often, even today, and wondered why it was done so long ago.  Nils Ellingsgard explained that it was to keep evil spirits from entering the table and forever after causing problems and bad luck to those who sat at the table.

The packet includes three pages of instruction, three enlarged photographs and the line drawing.

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