Roros Church Plate Pattern Packet

 I combined different styles from the Sor-Trondelag district on this Roros church plate.  It was painted with JoSonja acrylics on a 14” square plate.


There was a variety of painting done throughout Trøndelag.  The further north, the more simplistic. Blue and blue-green on white was popular, often just a series of simple scrolls tied together with strokes, or acanthus leaves flowing gracefully off the scrolls or lines.  Faux finishes were very popular during the 1800’s and can be found in the columns and wide moldings in the Røros Church.  I wanted to represent both these techniques on this plate, along with the more Baroque flower style found in Oppdal.  Here there were generations of the Horne family and had a school there, where all these styles were painted over time.  I hope you will enjoy painting this church plate.  It’s difficult to get a photograph of the front view because there are so many buildings.  I liked this back view, perhaps seen on a cold, long winter dark day where the days are so very short.


The packet includes four pages of instructions, 4 enlarged photographs and the line drawing.

Price: $8.00