Skabu Church Plate Pattern Packet

The Skabu Church was painted using Jo Sonja acrylics in 1997 on a 10” scalloped plate.


Situated on a hill in the rural area of the northern part of the Gudbrandsdal valley is this country church.  From the outside you would never guess the inside is adorned with gorgeous carvings, by the master wood carver Jacob B. Klukstad (1713-1773).  The Rosemaling in the entry way is the original and thought to be painted by him since he was also a well known painted.  The painting is very similar to the carving.  Part of the interior has been restored in the 1920’s.


The packet includes 4 pages of instructions using JoSonja acrylics, two photographs and the line drawing.

Price: $8.00