Sor-Trondelag Door Escutcheon Pattern Packet

Door escutcheons are used either side of a door knob.  This Sor-Trondelag style escutcheon was painted first in this series.  It measures 3 7/8” x 24 ¼” x 3/8”.

In the southern part of Trøndelag lies the mountain district of Oppdal.  The most famous painters and woodcarvers practiced their crafts here, as did the Horne family.  Eric Horne (1730-1798) made and painted cabinets in blue or green with white panels and red borders.  They were often decorated with blue marbleizing or blue scrolls tied together with strokes.  Eric’s son, Knut E. Horne (1763-1848) often painted scenery including hunts, horses, ladies and gentlemen.  His wide variety of work included symmetrical floral designs.  Those are what inspired me to paint on this door escutcheon.  The wood piece I designed from an old iron one I sketched from a door somewhere in Norway.

I thought it would be fun to have a different style on each of the doors in one’s house.  You could even add a cute name for the room, or announce whose room it is.  Enjoy and have fun.

The packet includes three pages of instruction, two enlarged photographs and the line drawing.

Price: $8.00

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