Strokes and Styles Packet

Strokes and Styles is not a book. but was a presentation for the 2006 SDP Master Keys Program.  It relates how different styles and techniques can be used when interpreting a design.

Before studying the photograph I had students take the line drawing and make a plan for style, color, balance, texture, etc.  After the lecture and discussion on the elements and principles of art and how they relate to folk art, students re-evaluated their plans to see if there where any changes that should be made to their original. It was very interesting to see student's plans and a good learning process.

You can do this yourself by not reading any of the material and first making a plan for the enclosed drawing.  Study the information and make another plan, comparing the two.  Learn how to evaluate your work when finished by using the same information presented.  Make corrections as needed to create a pleasing painting.

Price: $10.00