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Correspondence Course, Level IV

This is the last level in the series to cover all the Rosemaling styles.  The history and characteristices of Sor-Trondelag, Numdeal, Gudbrandsdal and Telemark are included.  Lettering and the study of design techniques and skills are also a part of this course.  Geometric, symmetrical and asymmetrical design are discussed and you can draw some for critique.  A tray is included so one of the designs can be used for the tray which you can paint with your own color scheme, style of choice and it will be your final project for the course.

The course includes the written material, line drawings and paper for practicing lettering, color sheets of the projects, and four panels and a tray for the projects.  It includes the critiques for all your work and a certificate at the end for your terrific effort and accomplishments.

The price for Level IV in the US is: $300.00     Canada - $325     International - $400.00

Price: $300.00
US Only