Os Bowl E-Packet

Os Bowl E-Packet

This sixteen inch bowl is painted in the Os style and comes in the form of an e-packet.  You can download it yourself and store on your computer's hard drive for easy access.

The packet includes 50 photographs, and before and after linework, so you can easily see how to put the flower forms together and paint the detail.  The instructions and three pages of line drawings complete the 20 page document.

The inside design can easily be painted on a small plate.  The border design and be used on smaller plates by rearranging the flowers and perhaps making them smaller.  Choose any of the border design ideas for framing in an Os painting.  The packet has many useful ideas for other objects.  By changing the background color to red or black, you can have a completely different looking bowl, plate, etc.

Please note this is an E-Packet

Price: $18.00