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Vacation & Paint in my Home Studio

Would you enjoy a painting vacation in a simple, historic farm house and paint in my studio, healthy meals included? I can accommodate one to four persons overnight for individual personalized instruction on any Rosemaling style or European flowers. Beginning stroke work to advanced painters and those who would like design help are welcome. One to four or five days of instruction is your choice.

Price: $150.00 per day includes meals and lodging, paint and mediums except your brushes and any wood products or supplies you choose. $100.00 per day includes lunch without overnight lodging.

Weather: Oregon weather is fairly mild. We rarely get snow, maybe in December or January, but it usually melts in a day or two. Spring and fall is very nice, maybe rain!!! Summer can be in the 70-90’s, but it isn’t humid.

Transportation: If you are flying, you can fly directly to Eugene, OR. I’m about 30-45 minutes from the airport. Omni shuttle service can bring you to my door. Flights are easy to come through Denver or Salt Lake, San Francisco, LA, Seattle, Reno, etc. directly to Eugene. If you are driving, I am just south of Eugene, five minutes off Interstate 5 on highway 58 to Klamath Falls.

Much of the year there are lots of flowers, with the vegetable garden, and birds to enjoy. Daily walks are also a healthy benefit. So come and enjoy some relaxation and painting fun with an educational opportunity.


Please contact me by email here or by phone for further information and scheduling.



Correspondence Course...

The correspondence course was written to help students who do not have access to a local rosemaling or stroke teacher. It's a good way to study by yourself or with a friend to practice and learn about this beautiful folk art. If you are a beginner or more advanced painted and you can tune up your skills with this course.

  • What is included? The first level covers the basics, including supplies, color, value, intensity, stroke and line control in a 37 page booklet. Seven of the most simple styles are to be painted on two panels in a patchwork style. Hordaland, Sigdal, Eggedal, Sor-Trondelag, More og Romsdal Sogn og Fjordane and a simple Hallingdal design are included.

  • Why take this course? It will help further your knowledge of Rosemaling, it's history, techniques and styles. To learn the basics for stroke work. To understand each style, it's characteristics and how to paint them. To receive a critique of your work to improve your knowledge, skills and technique.

  • Critique. There are two mailings. The first mailing includes the basic color wheel, Rosemaling color wheel, palette, stroke and line control samplers. I will show where and how improvements can be made. It will be helpful learning information and not intended to be criticism. Anything that needs improvement will help and if you repaint it to correct the problem it will help reinforce learning even more. These corrections can be sent back with the next mailing for additional help. The second mailing includes the two panels with seven styles represented. All these panels are wonderful references to hang in my painting room.

  • What do I receive for finishing the course? A certificate will be issued that says you passed the first of four levels.

Correspondence Course Written Materials only: Now that I've completed the entire Rosemaling course with Level IV, I've decided to make the educational material, designs, and color sheets available for $50.00 for each level. This does not include any of the wood or the critiques that come with the complete course, nor does it include a certificate of completion. This way if you just want to read, study, improve your painting skills and paint the projects or parts of them on your own, you are welcome to do so. See the Correspondence Course Category for more details and to see what styles are covered in each level. .